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"Family Owned!"

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-By Jasmine Gilland, DYME Magazine

There are a lot of entrepreneurs trying to etch a sketch their way to financial freedom. We interviewed a lot of motivated, skilled and even well-spoken and highly driven people that we can say foot the entrepreneurial bill, however, when you speak about success, that's where we draw the line from them and the top one percent. With that said, we introduce you to the founders of the successful PBC Clothing, and YES, it is...FAMILY OWNED!

What got you into Fashion?

I was always into fashion from a young child. I would watch anything pertaining to fashion on the tv and even won best dress in high school. As an adult I would like to consider myself a connoisseur of fashion lol.  


Tell us about PBC Clothing Collection?

PBC stands for Parker Brother's (Randall and Rylee) Collection. Randall and Rylee are my seven and two year old sons. Billionaire is what they will be. The business was born based on a conversation that my then six year old son Randall and I had. Randall was inspired by kids his age who were entrepreneurs on youtube and wanted to create a business that people would love.. This is when PBC Billionaire was created. I am the fashion designer for PBC Billionaire and have connected with 3 dope manufacturers who bring to life my vision. We offer dope clothes and accessories for men, women, and kids.


How long has the PBC brand been in business?

PBC Billionaire has been in business since October 2021 and we are growing and expanding our inventory week by week. 


What are some of your most notable pieces that your customers gravitate to most? In our women collection, the customers love our Tasha Set. It's comfy, has pockets and turns heads. In our men collection, the customers love our (unisex) tracksuits, hoodies, and polos.


You are also a U.S. Military veteran, which branch were you in and how long did you serve?

I served in the US Army for five years and 11 months and was medically discharged.


With PBC Billionaire Clothing being a family brand, how are you all able to delegate and transition between business and family time?

I don't LOL, it's always work. I am a full time Government worker who works from home, Wife, Mother of 4, a full time CEO for the brand, the content creator for the brand, I deal with the manufacturer for the apparel, I do the marketing for the brand on several social media accounts, partake in fashion shows and pop up shops for exposure, and travel to events for brand awareness. I's tired boss LOL! I'll say to myself sometimes that I am going to rest this afternoon. I just can't, I am a new brand so I have to keep going so that I can build a solid great foundation for my sons with God leading and guiding me. Once Randall and Rylee get to an age that they can take over, it'll be smooth sailing for them. They won't work for anyone, but will provide great jobs for people in Jesus name.


You definitely have an online presence with your website, how are you able to turn your social media followers into paying customers?

Thank you, I definitely believe in the brand and believe that it's important to be your brand. I am wise enough to know that family, friends, and strangers will not support you just because you have something to offer. I just stay consistent in what I believe in and put out appealing content that people fall in love with and purchase.


Have you done any PBC Fashion shows?

I have done a PBC Billionaire Winter release fashion show in Oct of 2021 in my hometown of Beaufort, SC. It was a sold out show, the venue, host, decorations and models were DOPE! It was fun and I look forward to having another one soon.


How are you guys able to come up with some of the stylish, trendy looks that PBC has?

I would come up with pieces that I would like to see made hoping the people would love it and so far I have been doing well with my fashion ideas. I also would do a lot of research on trending colors for the seasons and trending apparel to get an idea on what's selling. I then would create my twist and add some flavor and cool detail. You never want to reinvent the wheel. Just make what's already working in your own special way.


Where can new customers find your PBC ,Clothing?

Customers can find us @

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