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Lily's Spotlight!

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What made you want to become a model?


I have always wanted to be a model. As a little girl, it was something that was always on my mind. Furthermore, I am a huge lover of retro pinup so that I think is what made me ponder it. It definitely turned out to not be a phase, although sometimes it seemed as if it was. I grew to appreciate it more, felt more comfortable with myself, developing even more confidence. With time, it became my passion, just like my love for being a hairstylist. At this point in my life I have certainly intertwined the two. I believe that’s where my strong motivation comes from; wanting to make a presence, leave a mark, in my own sort of way.


How long have you been modeling for?


I started out being a hair model around 17 and have been modeling ever since.

What is your strongest area in modeling?


I love anything glamorous. I would say glamour, boudoir to swimsuit and even lifestyle.


Do you consider modeling your passion?


Without question it is my passion. I started so young with so much love in my heart for it. Now, I have been modeling for so long I still get giddy with excitement. I don’t think that feeling will ever go away. 


Who are some of your favorite celebrity models that inspire you?


I would say I certainly am inspired by vintage, retro-styling or things that would fall within that category. I find most of what inspires me tends to lie in that nature, like a lot of older TV shows or movies and such things of that form. But I do like some modernism mixed in there too. I love Betty Page, Sandra Dee, Marilyn Monroe, Virna Lisi, Dita Von Teese and Elvira just to name a few!


What is the biggest challenge you faced with modeling?


Where and what I am doing next is my biggest challenge! There are only so many hours in a day and maybe organizing my schedule can be a bit tricky. I am not always a good juggler but I try to be early!


What are some of the attributes you like to capture when posing in front of the camera?


I would say my personality is important. I love when a photographer is truly able to capture it and it shines through in the photographs. Those photos always seem to sparkle the most.


What are some of the best moments you've had so far in modeling?


I love when I get to travel, it’s quite a perk! Getting out of the country now is something that I just love. Those are always the best moments for me. When modeling takes me to somewhere I have never been before, that’s just the best! 

Where can people find your work and find out more about you?


I have been fortunate enough to be published in many different types of magazines. Most can still be found today in either printed or digital versions.  This one in particular is my most recent glamour publication! 



Who is your inspiration that you would love to work with?


There are so many photographers that have inspired me along my way and I would love to work with some of them again. A few of my faves are Anthony Neste, Robert Alvarado and Rick Trottier. I would be so over the top blessed for that opportunity to continue. They are so brilliant and strive for only the highest standards which I love. I enjoy working with those types of individuals. They are the ones who have had the most influential impact on me. 



Heels or Sneakers?


Oh boy, that’s a tricky question. I love wearing both sneakers and heels. I guess it all depends on where you are and where you are going! From the looks of it, I do own more heels than sneakers, so I would say heels! 


A night out on the town, or a quiet evening at home? 


Both are appealing to me. There is always fun to be had on a good night out. Being a homebody that I am, I love a quiet evening at home too! 

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Height: 5’0

Weight: 104

Measurements: 34-24-35

Shoe Size: 6

Photo By: RJT Images at Light Works Studio

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