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-By Amy Janson , DYME Magazine

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What made you get into music ?

I was raised into a church family and I sang in the choir. That was the start of my love for music. Once I attended High school my dad who also was affiliated with people in the industry put me in the studio for singing. At that time I was taken up dance for Joyce Harrigan ministries and writing poetry. One of my ex boyfriends read my poems and told me you should try it over a beat, and that was the start.

What are some of the things you like to rap about in your music?


I like to rap about everything my triumphs and my downfalls. I like to write about things I’ve been through. Things other people been through. I like to talk about, my daughter and family life, emotions etc. I am a very diverse artist.


What are some of your goals with taking your music career to the next level?


Some goals are finding my target audience. Finding new dope material, being consistent with material and surrounding myself with a good team of people I can trust.


A lot of upcoming artists don't value the importance of media and publicity when growing their brands, how are you able to value and utilize media to grow your music brand?


I have learned to use all avenues to promote my projects and to have a budget for everything I need to be handled.

What music artist(s) you would like to work with?


I’m not picky. I want to work with people that are respectful and that displays real talent and that love to do what they do self motivated.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations in music? Some of my biggest inspirations?

It would be Lil' Wayne, Biggie, Drake, Jay-Z, Naz, 50 Cent, and all the women rappers because they are unique and have their own style!

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