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When Image Is Everything!

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When one thinks of commercials, music videos and campaign ads, image is the FIRST thing that comes to mind. The product is good, but it's the models and talent that are featured that makes the campaign worth watching. As much as we want to deny it, it is truly the case that's NOT worth arguing. And where does such image eye candy come from? That's right you guessed it, model & talent agencies. And chances are high that much of the models and talent you see came from IZMA Model & Talent Agency. Trina has the eye to understand WHAT your local or national ad campaign needs to make it appealing to companies that aim to get THE LOOK! Dyme Magazine had the chance to talk with the CEO behind the IZMA brand, Trina Sanchez to get some insight on her creative edge in the modeling and talent industry:

Tell us about Izma Entertainment?

Izma Entertainment is a full service entertainment company based in Los Angeles, Ca founded by Trina Sanchez. I have managed and developed some of the biggest models today.


How long have you been in business?

Roughly about 12 years 


What made you want to get into the the model/ talent management business?

Since elementary, I always wanted to work in the entertainment industry. I started as a fashion designer producing my own shows then that's where model management took over. 


Who are some of the models and artists you've worked with that made an impact?

Some of my favorite models I had a chance to work with were Jodie Joe which we all know her as a  Fashion Nova icon. I enjoyed working with Vanessa Simmons because her work ethic is so professional and genuine. I also enjoyed working with Erica Mena from Love and Hip Hop because she is so photogenic and free spirited.


How does it feel being a woman and being successful in today's competitive model/ talent management industry?

I am proud to say I am a Woman of Power. The challenges, downfalls and struggles of working in this tough business has made me the woman I am today. I am amazed with myself on how I accomplished so much on my own without a man of power.


Where does Izma Entertainment service models and talent as far as locally or nationally?

For the last few years of my success, it was locally in Los Angeles but we have expanded nationally. We have divisions in Las Vegas, Jacksonville, Atlanta and Dallas. Luckily, we also service clients internationally and can find some of our models in Asia, Nigeria, Belgium, London and Dubai.


What differs your entertainment company from others?

The difference between my entertainment company and others is, I go above and beyond for my clients, I don't just manage them. I enjoy branding them and help them expand their horizons into business owners. I teach beautiful people to monetize and be an inspirational icon to their fans. Let's not just give your fans photos of you and behind the scenes videos of someone else's product,  but let's also build your own product. People will ask, "Trina why do you do that for models?" I answer and say because models are independent humans and one day will like to start a family,  why not leave a legacy that can turn into a monetary return and not just leave a photo on internet.


Is it hard multi-tasking different models and talents?

Extremely hard, it may look glamorous on the outside but I honestly don't even know how I was able to manage over 500 models for years. The pressure taught my how to be an multitasker and  hardworking. I tell people, I have a bad addiction to working, if I'm not working I get sick and cranky, LOL!


What are some of the biggest challenges of owning an entertainment company?

The biggest challenges are not having the capital in the beginning stages or not booking talent for a whole month puts me in a negative mode. Also the biggest challenge is not giving all your clients the equal attention that they want, you have to deal with a lot of why's. Like why she get booked for the job and I didn't when my face looks better than hers or, my ass is bigger??? You get a bunch of those messages, LOL! Also being a mother of 2 and running a business is challenging. We all share the same 24 hours, so people don't understand how I stay beyond busy.


What is your most memorable moment you had with a customer?

My most memorable moment I had with a customer was thanking me for making their dream come true and to witness tears coming down their faces for getting booked on a modeling job. That brings joy to my heart to put smiles on people faces. Also going to the shelters and bringing battered women in for make overs and empowerment...I will never forget them moments!

Do you service corporations as well as regular clients?

Yes, I represent a few brands such as skincare lines, hair companies, car rental companies and air bnb owners to name a few.

Where can people view more about, and book Izma Entertainment?

People can learn more about us at or on Instagram @IzmaEnt

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