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-By Amy Janson, DYME Magazine

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What got you into modeling?


It was something that my family always wanted me to do since I

was young.

How long have you been modeling for? I've been modeling 15 years on and off.

Who are some of your biggest names in the modeling that you admire?

There was only one person I ever liked it in the modeling world which was Tyra banks.

What is your most memorable modeling experience good and bad?


When I first did Fashion Week in New York I was so nervous, I kept drinking water and my stomach started to bloat, so when I put the dress on, my stomach was sticking out and I had to breathe in all the way down the runway!

Due to Social Media, everyone is a wanna-be model, do you think the model industry has become more competitive?

It’s a little more competitive than what it was because, there’s so many different types of modeling.

What have you learned being in the model industry?

It’s cutthroat and everybody is not going to be your friend and it's very challenging at times.

What is the most challenging part of being a model? The most challenging part of it all is if you're not focused and you're not communicating well and you can't take constructive criticism. Some that can be challenging for me is casting calls and rejection but that's life, you know.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Running a business or doing more acting and modeling to the point I will be wealthy.

Sneakers or Heels?

Both heels and sneakers.

If you had a chance to spend the day with a celebrity, who would it be with and why?


Definitely Denzel Washington! I like his style, I like how he speak, he’s very down to earth and he’s smart to me!

A Cottage or a Mansion to make you happy?


As long as it looks nice, it doesn't matter to me how big or how small.

If your life was a mood ring, what color would it be right now?


I’m actually wearing one now and it says green.

Felicia Brown.jpeg


Name: Felicia Brown

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Height: 6ft

Location: Ohio




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