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Height: 5’7


Measurements: 26-35-32A

Shoe Size: 8.5

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I did a photoshoot and was hooked! I not only found out that I absolutely love modeling, but also have a natural

talent for it.



How long have you been modeling for? About 5 months


What is your strongest area in modeling? I don’t think I have one specific area I favor. I enjoy being versatile and working in the various genres.


Do you consider modeling your passion? It’s definitely something I’m passionate about.


Who are some of your favorite celebrity models that inspire you? Marylin Monroe


What is the biggest challenge you faced with modeling? Finding a balance with traveling for shoots and making progress as a chemistry PhD student.


What are some of the attributes you like to capture when posing in front of the camera? Bringing a sense of emotion to each image to make the viewer really feel it.


What are some of the best moments you've had so far in modeling? The best moments have been simply meeting so many new amazing people.


Where can people find your work and find out more about you? Find me on Instagram! 


Who is your inspiration that would you love to work with? Lindsay Adler


Heels or Sneakers? Neither…you’ll most likely find me in flip flops!


A night out on the town, or a quiet evening at home? If I’m not at a shoot, then probably a quiet evening at home.

-By Shawna Smith , DYME Magazine

Featured Photos By | JC ALCALA

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