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Next To Blow

-By Shawna Smith , DYME Magazine

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Where are you from?
I am from Joliet, IL., a Chicagoland suburb 25 minutes outside Chicago, born and Raised.

What got you into music?
What got me into music is my big brother. He loved rap music. He used to dress me up in overalls backwards and make me put locs (glasses) on and have me rapping songs in the mirror when I was like 6 or 7 lol. Funny thing is...I never liked rap music. I’m a 90’s R&B girl at heart.

What what makes you different from other female artists?

What makes me different ..I have the look and the lyrics... I GOT BARZ lol! I write all my lyrics (no disrespect to anyone) plus I got my own sound and my own lane. I talk about my real life experiences without a care of being ashamed or judged. I know how to make music, period! Trap,Hip Hop, pop,’s whatever!

Who is inspiration in hip hop?

I would like to give this one to Missy Elliott! She is everything a artist should be. She made me feel like I could be anything and do anything all while doing everything! If that makes sense!


Who would you dream of doing a rap song collaboration with?
Well I really don’t have one but I would have to go with Da Baby. His style got that Bop in it lol, and that’s right up my alley! His confidence in his music comes off as cocky ( laughs) reminds me of myself. I love it!

You energy is very catchy, is it something you have to prep for or is it off instinct?

My energy is just off instinct; like when you speak to me, I’m the most kind, humble human being you could meet. I’m always smiling but, it’s something about having the mic and stepping on stage that turn me into a savage with no warning, but that comes with being Me!

What is your favorite track that grabs people's attention?

My latest track “Cash App” is the song that everyone loves. I perform it a lot but, it hasn’t been released. It’s what people call THE ONE! Once you hear it, you know it’s a Hit!

What producer would you love to work with?

Timbaland is the producer I’d love to work with. He has Always been number one In my book. I grew up listening to him. You know it’s a smash once he touches it.

Does being from Illinois put pressure on you as an artist?
No pressure on me at all, I’m out here having fun doing what I love without competing with anyone! I have my own unique sound and it stands out! I wear my role with confidence!

Who are some of your biggest influences in music?

Tupac, when he spoke people would listen. He was a hood legend with a positive voice. That means everything in a black community! That not only made him a big influence but, it also made Him more attractive and respected as a man! My personal opinion. Oh, let’s not leave out the fact that I learned how to flow from Biggie. (smiles)

What projects do you have coming up your fans can look out for?

I'm currently working on my project now and expected to drop in July, self titled 'Ash Loc.' I’ll be giving my fans music you can party to, without watering down my lyrics. This will give my fans a chance to hear me have fun and still deliver like a monster. I’m excited, this will by far be my best work yet!

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