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Women In Business

Taking Travel To Another Level!

Yvette Watson is a successful CEO of 'A Heavenly Trip, Inc.' travel agency  who continues to make headlines with her mind blowing business module that continues to exceed her customers expectations that want more in a travel agency. Her Business Grade "A" in Customer satisfaction  from The Better Business Bureau, confirms that she She flies her clients through the friendly skies and floats them along the world's beautiful seas  with heightened levels of love, with a sprinkle of care and excitement leaving no room to spare. We had the pleasure of sitting with Yvette to bring us into her world of travel bliss:

Tell us about A Heavenly Trip Travel Agency?  

A Heavenly Trip, Inc. is accredited with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). The travel agents at A Heavenly Trip in Boston, MA are certified specialists who are accredited members of IATAN (Accredited Travel), ASTA (American Society of Travel Advisors), PTANA (Professional Travel Agents of North America), CLIA (Cruise Industry Travel), and AMResorts, Disney, IHC Intercontinental Hotels, Marriott, Sandals, Starwood, and the U.S. Air Consolidator Association (USACA) as well with many other partners.

That means that they are able to offer products from all major travel suppliers worldwide, including cruise lines, hotels, car rental agencies, resorts, and vacation companies. Unlike most other travel agencies in Boston, A Heavenly Trip has the skill, resources, and experience to plan and execute trips at any time to suit all of your needs.

From all inclusive vacations at first class resorts to tours of exotic locations around the globe, A Heavenly Trip is the only one to call for unmatched travel service and expertise. Their commitment to offering “always available” assistance covers planning your detailed itinerary, customizing your travel reservations, and accommodating groups.

Open six days a week, Monday through Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., service is their top priority. Book last-minute trips or plan beautiful destination weddings with the team at A Heavenly Trip. They make sure that your travel plans go off without a hitch. Choose A Heavenly Trip in Boston and “Let me send you on a heavenly trip!”  


How long have you been in business?  

I have owned my travel agency for 13 years.


What made you want to get into the travel business?  

When I was little girl I have never been on a plane. My parents couldn't afford to take my sister and I out on vacations. I got on my first plane ride when I was 19 years old. It was then that I learned that there was a bigger world than just Boston. I love experiencing new things and learning cultures that I'm not familiar with whether it's tasting the food or seeing a new destination. I wanted other's to feel that they have a right to be able to explore different things and learn at the same time. It has always been my passion since I was a child. 


How does it feel being a woman and being successful in today's competitive a male dominated travel industry?

It feels great even though it doesn't really feel dominated by males to me. It's a pretty good mixture of my colleagues in the industry. Those are just my thoughts.


Where does A Heavenly Trip service its customers?  

The great thing about my agency is that I can service them anywhere. As long as I have a connection with the internet, I can literally be sitting somewhere on a beach giving my clients the best service as if they were sitting in front of me. 


What differs your travel agency from everyone else?  

I take the time to really listen to what my clients want and their needs. They are not a number to me but a future friend that they can trust to handle all of their travel needs. Anybody can take a trip but I want to create an experience for them. I consider my clients to be VIP in my agency and I let the hotels, resorts or cruise lines know that. I send them letters letting them know that my client will be staying with them and I expect for them to treat my VIP clients as their VIP guest. I also let them know that my clients will be getting back to me with their testimonies and that will also determine if I will be using them in the future. So when that is expressed to them, the managers will usually roll out the red carpet because the worst thing in the travel industry is to get a travel advisor upset since you are the one who recommended your clients to their company or property. I do no marketing but I am extremely busy with referrals from word of mouth. My theory for my clients are even though I am very busy, I always want my clients to feel like they are the only client I am working with.  As long as my clients are getting the service that they deserve and they tell somebody else about me then I have done my job and that's all that matters. I have clients who may asked me what I like for gifts but I tell them the biggest thank you is telling someone else about your experience. I don't sell my company, people sell my company. I tell them I am here to serve you. 


Is it hard multi-task different travel accounts?

I think when I first started out it was a little difficult but I was building my clientele. I am a very organized person so it came second nature to me when I really started to get busy. In my business I have to wear many hats and that is ok. My other travel friends tell me they don't know how I do it and do it with a smile. I have a client who literally calls me MH which stands for Mad Hatter. When she calls me she addresses me as MH. Because it's a passion I don't look at it as a job but it's as a calling. 


What are some of the biggest challenges of owning a travel agency?

Well this is not my first business as I own a medical practice as well going on 24 years. Every business has it challenges but the travel industry is a very different field. The travel industry is forever changing and it doesn't matter how long you have been in the industry, there is always something to learn. There is still lots of training and certification that we are required to be up on. This is something we should want to do if you are serious about your profession. You have to constantly pour into your agency so you can give back to your clients the first hand knowledge that they pay for. One of my favorite destination quote is "If you don't Go, then you Don't know"


What is your most memorable moment you had with a customer?

There are a few but I think I can narrow it down to this particular young lady who was having an anniversary and she said to me she really didn't have much money and hasn't been anywhere since she had her children. I know her and her husband and they are really hard working people who even if they are in need would never ask for help. She just want to finally be able to spend some quality quiet time with her husband. Her budget was very limited but I told her let's not worry about that right now and I asked her what it was she wanted to do and what was important to her. I called some of my connections after I put her package together. When she returned I asked her how was her experience. She cried right on the phone. She told me not only was I able to get her upgraded but I was able to get her upgraded to a different Adults only resort where they specialize in Romance. I have had clients upgraded complimentary with great perks but never upgraded to a whole different resort. I was so happy for her. That was many years ago. As of 2 weeks ago I just booked her whole family of 6 to Disney. These are the moments that make my heart melt. It wasn't about the money for me. I knew she didn't have the huge budget she wanted to work with but  they were still treated like the VIP they are. She told me she will never book with another and always contact me.It's something about being able to work with someone who has never or hardly traveled and giving them a great experience  that just reminds me of where I came from when I wasn't able to travel as much as I do today.


Do you service corporations as well as regular customers?

I have serviced corporations before but I mostly deal with regular customers. I love dealing with people.


Where can people view more about, and book A Heavenly Trip Travel Agency?  

They can visit my website WWW.AHEAVENLY.TRIP or go to the social media sites or

For those who just want to pick up the phone and call me, my number is (617)833-8221 or email me at 

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